Have you heard about medications which are synthesized to prevent excessive absorption of salt in your metabolism? Well, if you have then you must have heard about a medication known as Lasix.

Basically, Lasix is a type of water pill which is also known as a loop diuretic pill which is used to prevent and stop excessive absorption of salt in your metabolism. This particular amount of salt which should be passed on by your urine must not be observed by your metabolism or it might lead to some serious side effects.

What is the generic and the brand name for Lasix?

Basically, the generic name of any kind of medication is one of its crucial ingredient which is the one responsible for curing the symptoms of the diseases. So, on similar grounds, the generic name for Lasix is known as furosemide.

This furosemide is one of the most crucial ingredient of Lasix, but if you want to buy a medication for Lasix from the pharmaceutical store, you will have to ask for the brand names which include Lasix, Lo Aqua Di Aqua 2 which are manufactured by some of the major Pharmaceutical from such as Pfizer.

Generic Furosemide
Generic Furosemide (Lasix) tablets 20 mg

So, what is this medication of Lasix?

Frankly speaking, there are many waste materials which should be driven out of our body through urine or stool. However, if under any unforeseen circumstances, the salt from the waste urine get absorbed into the metabolism, there might be symptoms of severe kind of side effects.

So, in such cases, Lasix is a medication which is used to stop such absorption and cure the symptoms of liquid retention which is also known as edema. These symptoms are most common among individuals who are suffering from serious cardiac issues, kidney diseases, liver disorders or any other kind of nephrotic syndrome.

Apart from these, Lasix is also recommended by numerous doctors and physicians for the patients who are suffering from extremely high levels of blood pressure or hypertension issues.

What are some of the important instructions which should be understood before starting the treatment regimen of Lasix?

Like a large portion of the pharmaceuticals, there are sure limitations and guidelines which ought to be taken after and dealt with before beginning the utilization of furosemide.

It is vital on the grounds that on the off chance that you are uninformed of certain therapeutic limitations, at that point the unexpected utilization of Lasix or furosemide may result into serious medicinal intricacies and different unsafe symptoms which may exacerbate things than prior.

Along these lines, following are the absolute most urgent directions which have been said in the drug name and are likewise exhorted by the specialists and doctor before beginning the treatment regimen of Lasix or furosemide:

  • It is prescribed by most of the doctors and positions that an individual should never use furosemide or Lasix if he or she is suffering from inability of urination.
  • This is because with the consumption of Lasix, you get enhanced urge of urinating and if you are unable to urinate properly there will be excessive pressure on the outer lining of your bladder which might lead to numerous other medical complications.
  • It has been mentioned clearly in the medication label of Lasix that a patient should never consume the medication above than the recommended dosage of the doctor or the physician. This is because excessive consumption of Lasix leads to the symptoms of hearing loss as well as Irreversible inaudibility.
  • Apart from this, it is your social responsibility to ensure that your doctor or physician has the perfect knowledge about your medical history and any other kind of specific medical conditions which you might be suffering from before prescribing you a treatment procedure with the help of Lasix.
  • It is also recommended by the manufacturers of the medication that if the patient is suffering from any kind of liver or kidney diseases or has an enhanced size of prostate glands or might be suffering from urination disorders, electrolyte imbalances cirrhosis, extreme high levels of cholesterol without diabetes, erectile dysfunction lupus, or any other kind of Side Effects, then he should not be using the treatment procedure of Lasix
  • It is also very important that if you have any kind of allergic tendencies towards the presence of sulpha medications, then you should stop the use of Lasix with immediate effect.

Can Lasix be consumed by pregnant women or woman who are planning to get pregnant during the treatment procedure?

Although the food and drug administration of The United States of America has approved the usage of Lasix to treat and cure the symptoms of excessive liquid retention, yet it has been seen that there have been no such approval or rejection for the use of this medication for the pregnant women.

Basically, it has been seen that most of the doctors and physicians tend to avoid prescribing this medication to the pregnant women because the ingredients of Lasix which is known as furosemide is very strong and has the ability to penetrate through the lactating glands and reach the breast milk of the mother.

So, when the new born baby is fed by the mother on her breast milk, there are serious chances that the ingredients of Lasix might enter the body of the baby and might create severe side effects.

What are the particular items which you should avoid while consuming a treatment regimen of Lasix?

Similar to all other medications, it is prescribed by most of the doctors and physicians that you should undertake some restrictions on your diet and other habits while consuming the treatment procedure of Lasix.

Following are some of the restrictions which you should follow during the consumption of Lasix:

  • Lasix has a characteristic drowsiness attribute. Hence, it is prescribed that you should not carry out heavy works or extremely physical activities during consuming Lasix.
  • Apart from these, it is also prescribed by most of the doctors and positions that you should restrict yourself from consuming any kind of alcoholic beverages during your treatment procedure of Lasix.
  • It is also recommended that since Lasix is known to induce excessive urination, you should keep yourself properly hydrated so that you do not feel a lack of water in your body.

Lasix Mechanism of Action

Lasix is the brand name of the drug called Furosemide or frusemide also known as water pill or loop diuretic drug. The company Sanofi-Aventis owns the brand. The drug is used both for human consumption as well as animals too.

Lasix as a loop diuretic is used extensively in treatment of congestive heart failures as well as edema. Edema is nothing but the fluid retention in the body which may occur due to heat failure, liver diseases like cirrhosis or kidney malfunctioning and nephritic syndrome etc. As a result of the malfunction of any one of these organs, the fluid does not get passed out of the body and begins to be retained causing swelling too. Lasix in such cases prevents the body from absorbing salts and instead lets it get passed through the urine. Lasix is also used in treatment of high blood pressure also known as Hypertension.

Lasix is found to be very effective in treating cerebral pulmonary edema which calls for immediate diuresis and hence Lasix is injected immediately at such times.

When ever lasix is used to manage severe cases of hypocalcaemia it is also supplemented with sufficient re hydration. How ever to counter the tendency of causing low potassium levels leading to hypokalemia several combination drugs with potassium like Lasix K have been introduced.

For any layman it is important to know that Lasix should be taken only with medical supervision and against qualified Doctor’s prescription only. Before you are advised to start with Lasix, you will be tested for kidney and liver diseases, for diabetes, hypertension and other conditions. It is important for you to share your complete medical history in detail with the Doctor before you advised on Lasix prescription. In case if you are allergic to any sulfa related drugs, your Doctor needs to know.

On consuming Lasix tablets as per Doctor’s prescription you will find yourself passing urine more frequently. Your body can get dehydrated easily. Therefore it is important for you to avoid such problems and follow your Doctor’s guidelines on liquids as well as additional potassium supplements that you will possibly require. However very importantly, if you come across any slight problem with urinating and are not able to do so, then you must inform your Doctors immediately, for them to quickly analyze and remove the causes relating to the blockage.

In case of lactating mothers who are breast feeding babies, Lasix might not be advisable. Preliminary research has established that Lasix suppresses lactation in the breast feeding mother. In such cases it is better for the patient to seek alternative treatment in consultation with the Doctor.

In all cases Lasix is available in the form of oral tablets as well as oral solutions, depending upon the dosage. Lasix injections are also available and are generally used in hospitals. If you do have a problem consuming oral tablets, discuss with your Doctor for other alternatives.

Once you have begun to undergo treatment with Lasix, it is always important to get your kidney and liver function tests done regularly and record their function.

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